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Guardian Angels

Suitcases 4 Kids

Providing for Michigan foster children one suitcase at a time

Photo Gallery

Kids helping kids!! Kids helping kids!! Miss. Ellie and I This little girl has such a big heart! Once she heard about Guardian Angels and what foster care actually was she was determined to help make a difference. She came up with the idea all on her own to make and sell rubber band bracelets at school during recess. She gathered up 5 friends and within 5 days these little girls sold bracletes for .25 and each and raised $97.00!! She called me and asked me to meet her at her sisters soft ball game and gave me this envelope full of money. She then told me all about what her and her friends had done that week. She literally brought tears to my eyes!! 196335753 Mr. Dylan and I Dylan was determined to find the perfect suitcase for a little boy or girl to have so they would not have to move with their belongings in a trash bag! 196335754 These Girls! These 5 little girls hosted a lemonade sale during a garage sale. They then asked their moms to take them to the store so they could all spend their money on items to donate to Guardian Angels for kids in need! They all delivered their own bag full of items they picked out along with a thank you card for all I do with Guardian Angels! 196335755 Morgan and Noah This is Morgan and Noah. They packed and delivered 22 new back packs with items to be given to children when they enter into foster care. It is amazing to see how these young kids are striving to make a difference in the world for people they do not even know. This world needs more kids like Morgan and Noah! 201057148 Matt, Morgan, and Noah. Morgan and Noah making their donations at one of our drop off locations, Carl Reck Jewelers. 201057149