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Guardian Angels

Suitcases 4 Kids

Providing for Michigan foster children one suitcase at a time

Hi, my name is Jennifer and I became a foster parent on January 31st, 2014. My husband Matt and I received the call while at lunch and made the our decision without hesitation. That’s not to say that it came without a lot of consideration, we just knew in our hearts that it was the right choice for us. What I did not realize was the impact that becoming a foster parent would have on my life!

After researching the foster care system, I was shocked to learn that there is such a need for foster homes in not just Michigan, but right here in our own community. These children are removed from their home for various reasons and need a safe, loving home to live at while permanent placement is established. Whether that is reunification with birth parents or placed with an adoptive family, we decided that we could provide that safe, loving home in between.

During my research I realized that some of these children often bounce from one foster home to another at various times throughout their lives. Not only are these children moved around from home to home, many of them carry their belonging with them in trash bags only. According to many blogs and articles I have read in the past few months, children that have to do this often feel like they are being thrown out with the trash. This absolutely broke my heart and I realized I wanted to help these children.

I contacted my foster care specialist to see if there were any programs in Eaton County that provided suitcases or large duffel bags to children who are placed in foster care. I was shocked to hear that there was not, and at that exact moment I knew I had found my calling. After a lot of consideration, my husband's insane amount of encouragement and support, and a meeting with the Eaton County DHS office, Guardian Angels Suitcases 4 Kids was born! 

Our mission is to provide suitcases or large duffel bags, as well as a Care Bag to each child that enters the foster care system.